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3 Ingredient Mocha Fudge Sauce


3 Ingredient Mocha Fudge Sauce

I am a sauce/condiment person. Let me explain.

I like spaghetti but it has to be swimming in sauce.

Chips are good, but they are awesome with loads of guacamole.

I don’t even really like ice cream unless it’s buried below spoonfuls of fudge sauce.

Basically, I only eat “real” food so I have an excuse to gobble up the add ons.

Easy Mocha Fudge Frosting

When no one is looking I make frosting just to eat with a spoon. And I whip up mocha fudge sauce because…well, because it’s awesome!

My first batch was made using brown sugar. The flavors of the molasses, chocolate, and coffee together were incredible. The brown sugar left the sauce with a bit of a grainy texture, but I didn’t mind that. It tasted amazing –  like mocha brownie batter! If you want a silkier sauce, by all means use powdered sugar.

I ate the whole bowl, by myself. I dipped mint Oreos in half the batch and the other half I ate with a spoon. I recommend both :)

*If you add a bit more sugar and a bit less coffee, this makes a great frosting too!

Mocha Fudge Sauce with Mint Oreo

3 Ingredient Mocha Fudge Sauce

Meal type Condiment, Dessert
Misc Child Friendly, Gourmet
Occasion Birthday Party, Casual Party, Christmas, Easter, Formal Party, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentines day
This decadent mocha fudge sauce is so easy to make and uses only 3 ingredients. Delicious by the spoonfuls or on ice cream.


  • 1/2 cup cocoa
  • 1 1/2 cup powdered sugar (can sub 1 cup brown sugar )
  • 2-4 tablespoons brewed coffee (hot)


Step 1
In a medium bowl stir together cocoa and sugar. Add hot coffee 1 Tbs at a time, beating well until it reaches the desired thickness. I kept mine thick like a hot fudge sauce,but feel free to thin it out more like a syrup, if desired.
*If using brown sugar, beat for 5 minutes. Together with the heat from the coffee, this will help reduce graininess in the sauce, though it will not completely dissolve. I enjoyed the flavor from the brown sugar, personally ;) Serve immediately.


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35 Responses to “3 Ingredient Mocha Fudge Sauce”

  1. Aprîl says:

    Oh, that looks fabulously decadent!! I’m the same way. Meat must have gravy, fries are only a vehicle for fry sauce, BBQ must have sauce :)

  2. Kristin says:

    Guess what? I melt chocolate chips and pb together just to eat too. It’s ALL ABOUT THE SAUCE. I shall be trying this one :)

  3. bigFATcook says:

    Yummy, the sauce looks amazing!

  4. I so did not need to see how easy this is. lol.

  5. Just 3 ingredients…amazing. I especially love that coffee is one of the ingredients!

  6. Pamela says:

    WHAT 3 ingredient Yummy Mocha Sauce! You have made my day I will be putting this in my recipe book! Thanks so much for sharing over at Heavenly Treats link Party!

  7. Stephanie, we are soulmates. I like my condiments with a side of food. NOTHING gets eaten without a lil’ sauce (alot of sauce*). Love this stuff! I want to drink it.

  8. This. Is. Genius. And I love you so stinkin’ much it hurts! Well, not really the hurting part, but the loving part yes! This sauce looks incredible, Steph. And three-ingredients is both genius and dangerous because like you, I would totally eat this bad boy with a spoon and no regrets! Haha.

    • Stephanie says:

      Lol, I love you too!! And I totally made another batch while I wrote this post last night…I couldn’t stand looking at the pictures and not having it in my pie hole :)

  9. BJ_mama says:

    YUMMO! This sounds delicious…LOOKS delicious…and only 3 ingredients?!?!? AWESOME!

    Would love if you’d share it on my Simple Sunday:

  10. That looks so good. I’ve never made a fudge sauce quite like this one….gonna have to try it :)

  11. This sounds amazing and I can totally relate to whipping up frosting/sauces just to eat! Pinning and can’t wait to try :)

  12. Marti says:

    Sounds so delish! I’ve never had chocolate with coffee added, I can’t wait to try it!
    I am hosting a SHOW-licious Craft Showcase and would love for your crafts to be a part of it. If you would like to share some of your projects just follow this link…

    Have a great week!


  13. kellie says:

    oh my heavens, this looks delicious!

  14. I love condiments too, my favorite being hot sauce, eat it on everything! I would eat this on everything too, probably even my dinner! So delicious looking with Oreo. I can’t stop staring!

  15. I see this in our very near future! Thanks for sharing! Featuring on my networks, feel free to grab a featured button to get your brag on :)

    Thanks for linking up to my Sunday FUNday party!! I appreciate it and so does my tastebuds!!

    Kristine from The Foley Fam {unedited} Blog

  16. um…yes please
    I have all of these things now
    well – except for the oreos – so I guess a spoon it is:)

  17. I would love for you to come link this up at our recipe link up. it looks delicious and i love how it is 3 ingredients…so easy! ~~katie

  18. Jelli says:

    Yum! These photos brought me over from Rae Gun Ramblings. I love all 3 of those ingredients (and brown sugar too) so will be trying this, maybe even tonight!

  19. This was delicious. Thanks so much! :)

  20. emily says:

    oh wow, this looks amazing!!! Thanks for linking up to Tasteful Tuesdays at Nap-Time Creations!

  21. Another excellent dish! Can you say decadent? Thanks for sharing on Southern Sundays. Come back and bring some more of your yummy creations!

  22. You are seriously killing me with this sauce! how can you eat that and still look as amazing as you do?! I am making this for the next time I have an ice cream sundae!

  23. Nora says:

    Looks awesome but how does it store? I’m doing a bunch of fudge sauces for Xmas and I’d love to use this as one


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