Healthy Pomegranate Chicken

I am sharing this mouth watering Healthy Pomegranate Chicken as part of a sponsored post from Collective Bias and Lean Cuisine.

Healthy Pomegranate Chicken - great for busy nights!  #EatHonestly #pomegranate #chicken #shop

Despite having a great fondness for all things chocolate, I actually like to eat pretty healthy. I crave fruits a vegetables on a daily basis, and I try to cook healthy meals for my family.

I had the opportunity to try Lean Cuisine’s new Honestly Good meals the other day, and I was happy to see that all of the options are 100% natural, and contain no preservatives. I eagerly tossed the Pomegranate Chicken into my cart for me and my husband to have for dinner later.

Healthy Pomegranate Chicken - great for busy nights!  #EatHonestly #pomegranate #chicken #shop

The chicken itself was juicy and perfectly grilled. The pomegranate sauce was an excellent compliment to the rice pilaf and chicken – it’s sweet with just a touch of tartness. I loved the currants in the rice too! The veggies were fresh and had just a little bit of crunch to them. I hate limp vegetables. Ew. These were just right!

Healthy Pomegranate Chicken - great for busy nights!  #EatHonestly #pomegranate #chicken #shop

This is the kind of meal I can feel good about serving my hubby after a long day for both of us. Sometimes I just don’t have it in me to cook a fancy meal after crazy busy days, and these meals are not only healthy, but they really taste delicious! You can get a coupon to try them for yourself here. You can find them in the healthy/organic frozen foods section.

Healthy Pomegranate Chicken - great for busy nights!  #EatHonestly #pomegranate #chicken #shop

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      Hi Ann,
      This is not my recipe, rather it is a review for Lean Cuisine’s Honestly Good Pomegranate Chicken. There is a link in the post to a coupon if you are interested. Thanks for visiting!

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